The United States women's soccer team are arguably the best in the world. They know what they are doing, and they go about their business in devastating fashion. They are firm favorites in most competitions they are in.

In contrast, the men's version are nowhere near the top tier, and in fact, consistently underperform. Sometimes they play well, other times they play surprisingly poorly. While this can be the case for many football teams on national or club level, it is rather disappointing that for all its resources, the World's biggest economic power is unable to pull it together in the soccer stage.

So while the women have made it yet another world final, it remains to be seen when and if the men will replicate this success in their categories.

Not sure I was prepared for this one.

Apple has announced that long-time Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is leaving to launch his own company with Apple becoming a customer.

He has been an integral part of Apple's success since from the late Steve Jobs period and it feels like the end of era to see him leave his position which will remain unfilled. A bit like how football/soccer teams retire certain numbers in honor of great players not longer active.

Let's hope the design prowess enjoyed so long by Apple will continue despite his departure.

Not sure this counts as a surprise since experts have been saying that the losers of this year's NBA finals have been showing signs of weakness for a while - although no one was good enough to take advantage yet.

Enter the Toronto Raptors.

Canada's team of the moment managed to exploit said weaknesses and played to their own strengths to win the NBA title for the first time in their history. They had never even made it to the finals before.

But they totally earned their victory. Even for someone like myself who is not exactly a basketball fan, their manner of victory and the way they played was highly impressive.

So Kudos to the team and their fans.

As for the Warriors, they can go back to the drawing board and see where they should improve. It's not like they have collapsed to smithereens. They just need to find new ways of winning. They even showed their fighting spirit in refusing to give up after early wins from the Raptors.

It's is great to see fresh faces winning sporting trophies. However, I do prefer that when it comes to my favorite teams, they win all the time. Naturally.

If you ask me, time must be one of the greatest inventions ever. Nothing quite like it. And perhaps it is just as well that time is one of those things you can never get back. At least not exactly the same.

And so, while we continue to promise to make regular updates to this blog, we seem to not succeed at that. And in the meantime, time passes by and then we look at what we wrote last time and we wonder what happened during all the time that elapsed.

What happened during our absence? Lots of things. In our lives, in the places around us, in the world. Not all of it is good. Because surely that is nearly impossible. But there have been some great ones.

Including the fact that Liverpool won their sixth Champions League title - also counting the ones that were earned in the previous format of the highly prestigious competition. They got to the final in exhilarating style, beating my second favorite team of Barcelona, messi and all, against the odds of overturning a 3-0 deficit.

The final itself was a rather dreary affair. And it was rather anti-climactic after two high quality entertaining semi finals with Tottenham Hotspur also coming from behind to eliminate Ajax.

What else happened? What is the use if we did not write about it right when it occurred? We will try and do that going forward.

Or will we?

Are we on spring or are we not there yet?

It is funny that the last entry on this blog was a year ago. Right to the date. You plan on adding regular entries but then life happens and the days go by. Before you know it, it has been more than 365 days.

So the Winter Olympics have begun. But I don't seem much bothered to watch. Is this lack of interest a result of sports fatigue? Or am I just waiting for the World Cup of Soccer instead?

After the thrilling match last weekend in which they lost their long unbeaten record to Liverpool, English Premier League leaders defeated Newcastle United 3 - 1. With a hat-trick from Aguero, Manchester City remain 12 points ahead of second-place city rivals Manchester United.

Liverpool have to wait until Monday for their chance to go back to third above Chelsea. They will need three clear goals or more to do so with a superior goal difference. It often happens that the reds follow up an outstanding performance with a rather disappointing one.

Let's hope they will not defeat themselves this time as they frustratingly tend to.

Just learned about the recent death of someone who used to work in the computer labs back when I was studying for my first degree. It has been quite a while but I do remember that he was a nice and helpful fella.

Condolences to his family.


Talk about Loyalty.

FC  Barcelona have announced that superstar striker Lionel Messi has agreed to a new contract that will keep him at the Catalan club for the next four years.

It was always hard to imagine the club without their talisman. And it would probably have come as a shock if he decided to leave the team he has been with since the young age of 13.

Hopefully, he will help them get back to winning ways. Their only trophy last campaign was the Spanish domestic cup. They were beaten to the La Liga title by old rivals Real Madrid who, under Zinedine Zidane, also managed to outplay Juventus and win the European Champions League cup.

It has been a busy few weeks for Messi. He married his longtime sweetheart and mother of his child just last week with a ceremony back at his home town of Rosario, Argentina.

Barca had their work cut out for them in the round of 16. They had to turn around a 4-0 deficit from the first leg in Paris if they were to progress to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. And for each goal PSG might score at Camp Nou, the Catalans had to score 2 so as to avoid defeat by the away goals rule.

You knew they could do it. And they did it.

It was astonishing to watch as Messi and co produced a stunning comeback in the first leg to make history and progress to the next round for the 10th consecutive season at this stage of the competition.Anything can happen in this beautiful game. And FC Barcelona proved once again why they are one of the most formidable teams ever to grace the world of sports.

No wonder futbol aka football aka soccer is the most popular game in the world.