Trgum is the best Amharic Dictionary App for your needs.


Want to look up the definition of some word or phrase in Amharic? Need a reference in your pocket wherever you go? Then Trgum is the right Amharic Dictionary app for you. With Trgum as your constant companion, you can browse through all the words and filter by first letter. Or just start typing and see a list appear.

Ever have that Amharic word at the tip of your tongue but just can't remember the exact word for something in Amharic? No problem! Just type it in to the Search box at the top and see what you were looking for.

You can even use Trgum as a dictionary reference to study Amharic words with.

Using the Trgum iOS App, you can:

  • Browse through a list of words and expressions in English along with their Amharic equivalents

  • Search for words or expressions. Start typing and see a list of close matches appear.

  • Learn the pronunciation of Amharic words and expressions along with a pronunciation guide.

  • Tap on a word or expression and hear how a word or expression sounds

  • Take advantage of the brand new Flash Cards feature to improve your knowledge of Amharic. Switch between English and Amharic to test your growing knowledge of the Amharic language.

Best of all, you get all the benefits of regular updates and improvements to the App for a long-lasting reference in your pocket.

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