Test your knowledge of the Amharic language with a fun simple game.

Amharic Word Game

Learning need not be boring or repetitive. Learning can be fun. That way, you get to enjoy the process, and your brain finds it easy to retain what it absorbed. Amharic Word Game wants to do exactly that. It provides an enjoyable, entertaining way to test your knowledge of the Amharic language.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify a picture (or a word in English) and find (or complete) the correct Amharic word for it.

You have four stages of difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert. Each stage has 50 levels (and more are coming soon). Start at any stage and go through the levels.

If you don't remember the right word, you can try 3 more times and move on to the next level. You can always do an instant replay or even return later to the same level and try again.

But hey, no cheating!

Your job is to come up with the missing letters. Fill in the blanks with the right letters to complete the word that describes the image or text.

With Amharic Word Game app, you can:

Plus, you get easy shortcuts to:

Amharic Word Game not only helps your Amharic vocabulary, it can also improve your English word skills, as well as your memory and analytical skills.

Games are fun. Learning is important. Combining games with learning is the best way to understand and retain a subject like Amharic. Which is why we listened to your requests and created Amharic Word Game App.

This game is fun for all ages. If you agree, please remember to rate the app and recommend it to family and friends. And don't forget, it makes an excellent Thank You gift to anyone. It is easy from the App Store.

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