A fun game solved by arranging the syllables in correct order.

Ha-Hu Puzzle

A simple, fun game of Amharic letters. You just need to get the syllables of your letter in the correct order. Then wait for the applause. Voila! Eneho! Let the games begin.

To win a game of Ha-Hu Puzzle, Here is what you do -

1) Select one of the letters of the Alphabet.

2) Move the syllables around until you get them arranged in correct order.

3) Shuffle the syllables and play again. Or select another letter to play.

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia, spoken by a large part of the country's population. It is the second most widely spoken Semitic language in the world.

Whether you already know Amharic or just started learning, this is your enjoyable opportunity to challenge your grasp of the Amharic Alphabet. Prove how much your know or remember by getting the correct order of the letters of the alphabet.

Games are fun. Learning is important. Combining games with learning is the best way to understand and retain a subject like Amharic.

This game is fun for all ages.

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