Learning the Amharic language is now much easier and more fun.

Amharic app

There has never been an easier, more convenient way to learn Amharic. With Amharic app, learning the most widely spoken tongue in the land where coffee was discovered is so simple and such fun.

If you are new to Amharic, take the time to get familiar with the various parts of this intriguing language at your own pace. And even if you are already fluent, you will find our app to be an excellent reference.

Amharic app

You can learn the basics starting with the letters of the Amharic alphabet and then work your way through the numeric symbols and punctuation marks.

You may then go on to build your Amharic word power by navigating through categories, or by searching for their English equivalents in the vocabulary section.

Also in the Vocabulary section, you can learn how to communicate with common phrases such as 'Thank You', 'Hello', 'Goodbye' and much more.

The sounds of the words and characters of the Amharic language are a touch of your fingertips away. You may tap on any letter, number, word, or phrase to listen to the recordings as recorded by a native speaker.

Using the Amharic iOS App, you can start with the symbols and sounds of the letters of the Alphabet. You can explore the numeric system and utilize the number converter. You can learn about the punctuation marks. A searchable vocabulary with a vast number of words and phrases also awaits your curious mind.

Delay it no longer. Get downloading and on the road to learning a great language.

Knowing multiple languages has the potential to create new pathways in your brain and in the process make you even smarter. And the same applies to your children as well.

+ Download Amharic from the App Store.

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