Following Your Instincts

I was passing by a small bridge on the way to get coffee. And to my right stood a young man.

Not quite able to guess his age but he seemed rather young and perhaps in the late teens or early twenties.

This young man was looking down at the cars passing on the highway under the bridge in opposite directions. He was holding on to the railing and looking down in a way that I instinctively got this feeling that he was considering taking his own life.

It was as if he was waiting for the cars to drive faster than they actually were. It so happened there was some sort of traffic jam on the road and they were barely moving from judging by what I saw briefly while driving on.

I quickly dismissed my thought as preposterous and kept on driving thinking that he was just looking at something on the road below and lost in thought as anyone might do.

But this nagging thought that I might have dismissed the opportunity to help someone in trouble would not let me drive past a few blocks.

So I had to go back. I made a U-turn and went back to check on the young man. He was still looking down and occasionally looking back at the traffic behind him as if he was still thinking about the decision I had feared he was considering.

Thankfully though, he resumed walking shortly before I reached his standing point and before I asked if he needed a ride or something. He stopped after a few steps to look back down at the traffic again.

But then he went back to walking again and I went on my way hoping that he will continue doing that and not what I had initially feared.


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