Barcelona Vs PSG

I had wanted to watch this important game in the European Champions League. It looks like Messi will not be playing and perhaps that poses a problem for the Catalan team.

But then again, Barca are full of talented players other than the great Argentine. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he is the greatest player to grace the sport. Even surpassing the likes of Brazilian Pele and fellow Argentine Maradona.

Nevertheless, it is not like Messi plays by himself in a one-man team. The rest of the Barca side are quite talented and function well as a whole under the new manager.

This season saw the departure of the hugely successful Pepe Guardiola. After winning countless trophies, Pepe decided to take a break for one year. And it looks like he will return to football as Bayern Munich manager next season.

It is a shame too. Because I was hoping Liverpool would be able to snag him and get back to winning trophies like the English Premier League and the Euro Champions League.

It has been quite a while since the reds added to their 18 top tier league titles in England. And now bitter rivals Manchester United are poised to get their 20th Premier League title.

Despite their loss over the weekend to city rivals Manchester City, Alex Ferguson’s side are likely to go ahead and get the trophy come end of the season. It had looked a straightforward victory last season as well before City beat United and then went on to win the league in what amounts to an upset.

This does not look like a repeat season. But who knows?

I digress. So I had thought about going to see the game at some Irish Bar. But it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Not quite in the mood for a beer. Or a trip to the bar.

Perhaps I will just follow audio commentary from my computer.

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