Barcelona Out

I had expected Barca to pull a few goals back during the second leg of their Champions League Semifinal against a very effective Bayern Munich.

Especially since Barca were playing at home – the formidable Camp Nou – where they are at their strongest.

And yet, instead of scoring goals to cut their 4-0 deficit from the first leg, the Spaniards allowed 3 more goals past their post to end up 7-0 losers on aggregate.

It might have been a tall order in the first place to produce a comeback enough to stun a well-organized German defense. But capitulating to so many goals in the space of 8 days is embarrassing.

Some are saying this marks the start of the decline of this remarkable Barca side. I am not sure it is as definite as that. But the Catalan giants were outclassed through and through this time by Bayern.

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