Team Germany Deserved Winners

Germany were the best team overall during the tournament. And they just about deserved to win the World Cup edition 2014 in Brazil.

But my team, Argentina, could have won it on the day. Had Higuain, Messi, or Palacio converted their chances. Unfortunately for them, and for their supporters such as myself, that was not the case.

Time and time again, plenty chances were squandered. And lady luck has a habit of turning her back on you when you don’t accept such open invites.

In the end, one cannot begrudge an exciting team who played possession football winning the biggest trophy in the world of sports. And it doesn’t always happen. But it happened this year. And that is a good thing.

The game went to extra time with Germany also unable to make their chances count. But they finally did in typical efficient fashion via a nicely taken goal by substitute Mario Gotze, just 7 minutes or so from the dreaded penalty shootout that could have been an extremely unjust way to conclude such an exciting tournament.

Argentina will always be my team. At least as long as they produce such incredible talents as Messi and Maradona. But they need to step up their game if they are going to challenge teams like Germany who have certainly upped theirs.

They did well to get to the final. They got their defense right. With especially Mascherano putting in some of the best performances of the tournament.

But that was not enough. A mean defense needs to go along with a productive attack.

Gone are the days when Germany played ugly physical matches but still ended up frequent winners. Now they are playing some exciting team football. And they are winning too.

Nothing wrong with that.

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