Walking Away

Sometimes, it is tough to say no.

I remember the CEO of a company I used to work for describe how difficult it is to tell someone that they are fired. He said that is why he hires people to do it.

Because he can’t stand to see the face of the person when they are being told their job is no longer theirs.

It is by not exactly the same thing to tell someone interested in you that you don’t feel towards them what they feel about you. But it is sort of similar. In the sense that it is a form of rejection that is hard to take.

The question is, is it better to let them know flat out that no, you are not interested in them?

Or is it easier to ignore their declarations and gestures of interest altogether and walk away to save them the embarrassment?

Personally, I can take a hint. But I would prefer to be told up front that a person is actually not interested rather than be uncertain whether a person is not interested or whether that person is not clear I am interested.

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