Never Look Back?

You want to believe that someone cares for you as much as they profess. You try to ignore those nagging suspicions that this is not the case. And then, you find them stumbling at the shortest roadblock.

It is worse when you find proof for what you have always suspected. They never really cared anyway. You find this proof time and again. You forget this from time to time. And then you find more proof.

That any hint of care is only for the benefit of others who might find it odd that they do not care for you. As if you have done them wrong intentionally.

Yet you don’t remember what you have done to create such feelings in them.

So you take it all in. And you ignore some of it. And you forget some of it. Yet it keeps adding up.

Until such day comes when you can’t stand it anymore. And you can’t bear to even look at them. And you finally turn your back on them. And you never look back.

And it is too late to repair any of it.

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