It is the last month of the year. So you are bound to find yourself spending more time reflecting on the things you have done this past year.

And perhaps the things you said you would do but didn’t do. And maybe think about the things you would like to do over the coming year.

Nothing is set in stone. Because, as usual, you don’t always do the things you promised yourself you would do. And despite your big intentions, things happen along the way that either distract you from your goals or make it impossible for you to progress along the path you had wanted to follow.

Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to think about things. Because it is a start. At the very least.

And the list of intentions you make – whether you write them down or keep them in your head – are sort of a guidelines to what you would like to accomplish. It is a sort of declaration of intentions.

And it is better to think about things than to avoid doing so just because you are likely never to do the things you want to do with your life.

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