iOS 7 is Out. iPhone 5S/5C Due Friday

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, looks and feels brand new in its latest incarnation. iOS 7 brings a flatter interface, doing away with its skeuomorphic user interface and replacing it with a more sensible, dynamic, flat design language.

The result is very pleasing to the eyes. And it brings about simplicity, fluidity, and depth to Apple’s devices. While Apple has new hardware in the form of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C that arrive this Friday, iOS 7 is an equally important upgrade that come free to current iPhone (plus iPad and iPod touch) owners. And of course, it comes preloaded on the newest iPhones.

Everyone should upgrade because iOS 7 is really really good. Which is not a surprise since it has been completely redesigned by Apple’s very own and very talented Jonathan Ive.

We had seen Jony’s team crank out impressive hardware for Apple over the years in the form of Macs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to mention a few. And his minimalistic touch in iOS 7 is evident.

Apple’s head of design has done a fantastic job.

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