“You can’t afford that”

Discrimination takes many forms. It can be based on any number of things. Race, sex/gender, sexual preference, family background, wealth, etc. None of it is right. Because the simple truth is that all human beings are created equal and should be treated as such in the eyes of other human beings.

Any person who does not think so clearly does not have a reasoning mind.

It should not matter what society or religion teaches you, because you do have a mind of your own and once you start thinking by yourself, you should be able to realize the wrongs that you see before you and should work to correct them in every way you can.

Clearly this sales clerk in this story as related by Oprah in the video has not been able to rid herself of her shameful ignorance. Because it doesn’t matter whether the customer is one of the richest people in the world.

You cannot, in your right mind, refuse to show merchandise to an asking visitor to your store for the moronic reason that “I am sorry, but you cannot afford that. It is too expensive.”

Something like this has curiously happened to me, myself and I in the past. It was not even something as crazily overpriced as a high-end luxury item – which incidentally is not my style.

I walked into a store to ask for a relatively expensive pair of battery cells for an electronic device. I had looked around at different stores looking for this particular item to no avail. And I ended up going to this store.

But then the lady would not even hand me the item I asked for. To my question of how much, the lady answered was an eerily similar “oh that is too expensive. You cannot afford that.”

What a way to treat a customer. I asked again to make sure I heard right. Which I did. I laughed to her face and quickly left afterwards because these things do not really get to me.

Clearly such people are idiotic to an unbelievable level. And there is no reason why I should get angry. In fact, I find it hilarious that people can do this with a straight face. Perhaps I might have intervened if I witnessed it happening to another person.

But like someone said, “What someone else thinks of you is not your business.” And like I keep saying, “you can’t really fix stupid.”

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