First Impressions

Some people are not that obvious. In the sense that you will not get to like them or hate them the moment you meet them. It takes a while to see their whole personality and they appear in their true colors later on.

There are others who impress you right away. And you immediately take a liking to them – or an immediate dislike – and either you want to run away or linger on and talk to them a bit more. Just because.

And then there are others. You are misled by your first impressions. They appear one way at first glance and then you find they are actually doing a good acting job of hiding their true personality. And either your patience will be rewarded with their true shiny personality coming out with time, or you will be wooed by their glitter and then you find out things later on that you can’t get away fast enough.

Why this analysis? Well, I was impressed by someone at the coffee shop I haven’t been to in quite a while. I actually went there because another one that I had gone to first was busy and I had neither the time or the desire to wait. And so I went and was still behind a couple of guests who happened to be together. And the lady behind the counter was explaining things in such a way that suggested that she actually cared about the things she was saying.

And then it was my turn and I was served in a warm and professional manner which made me very glad that I actually ended up at this place for coffee.

And so I said Thank you to her for being good at her job. While this may strike some as unnecessary and part of her job description, it is not everyday that you are impressed by someone doing their job and doing it well.

Everyone has problems of their own that they have to deal with in their personal lives. And this lady might have some that I don’t really know about. Or maybe she is extra happy in all aspects of her life which would be my preference. But it is great to see when people shine through in spite of their private struggles or overflowing joy.

We should all exercise the simple kindness that is saying Thank You. And saying it often. Don’t you think?

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