Is there a reason why people like to stare at me when I am eating with chopsticks?

This seems to happen all the time. No offense, but I have noticed this to be the case even more frequently around people of Asian origin. Not that is it limited to them.

I would like to see the day when people realize that any one person is more than one thing, and that they can’t reasonably or fairly expect anything to be exclusive to one group of people.

If it is not commonly observed around people who look like me, then accept that I might have learned it from someone.

Incidentally, I did learn how to wield chopsticks from a Filipino buddy. And I expect there are plenty of people who have learned to do so from some person or another. In addition to people who grew up around people who habitually eat with them, there will be plenty other people who learned to use chopsticks for food later on in life.

And while I understand it may be unusual, I don’t see the reason why people feel the need to stare for an extended period of time at people who eat with chopsticks. It is alright to be a little surprised, but people should get a hold of themselves and limit that reaction in length.

Or I might think they are actually interested in me and wink back at them or something.

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