Father’s Day is June 16

There is someone in your life – or more than one – who is like a father to you. It could be your own father, your brother, a relative, a professor, a colleague, a friend. Someone. Or a few someones.

For all the love this someone has shown you, and for all the love they continue to show you, they deserve your acknowledgement that you appreciate the role they play in your life. No matter how brief, no matter what form it took, this someone has done something to matter in your life.

And they did it not expecting you to remember them on Father’s Day but just because they wanted to do it, and because you needed it, or any combination of reasons.

Regardless of why they did it, or how long ago they did it, or whether or not it cost them little to do it, they deserve to be thanked and appreciated for having done the things they did for you.

And while you need not wait for an occasion to say “Thanks” to someone, you should still take advantage of this particular day to say it again and with something meaningful and clearly expressive of your appreciation.

So go for it. Show your love and affection. Show your Thanks with a gift that matches the uniqueness of their contribution in your life.

And what better way to do that than a gift of an app. Make them app-y and glad with something that makes them proud and shows that you have thought about what to give them and went for something special instead of something mundane and flashy.

So here you go. Find the ideal gift for that Father figure in your life. He has been there for you now be there for him. And show him some affection.

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Be forewarned – he might love you even more!

Happy Father’s Day 2013.

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