Google Maps Available for iPhone

People seem very happy to welcome back Google maps to the iPhone. After its ouster in iOS 6 as one of the default applications that come with iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Apple has approved a mapping application developed by Google.

The app is already top of the App store download charts signaling pent up demand for a more accurate mapping service.

Apple’s own offering is beautiful and distraction free. But due to mapping data that is far less mature than Google’s, the problem of lack of accuracy was putting a blemish on Apple’s stellar reputation for releasing polished products. Some people even refused to upgrade to the latest version of iOS to avoid losing the old maps app.

Google says they will have a version that works on iPad in the future without saying exactly when. In the meantime, it is actually a better choice for directions on the iPhone than the default option. And it throws valuable extras such as public transportation options which Apple’s version would have you get from dedicated third-party transit apps which are not always available or complete.

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