End of 2012

So the year is about to end. We didn’t disappear in a destruction of a grand scale as supposedly predicted by the Mayans many many years ago. And it is that time of year when we once again work on a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” which we intend to carry out throughout the coming year.

Most of which these really see the light of day. For lack of will, or of opportunity. Or both.

The world has seen plenty things in the past year that could be rated somewhere on the scale from terrible to awesome. And the ratings could of course depend on who is doing the rating.

2013 will have its own ups and downs much like the year we are sending off. Hopefully, we will be better equipped to handle it in much more better ways than we have. Because, as some people tend to think, everything is a learning opportunity which must be taken advantage of.

Let us hope we will have a grand new year in 2013.

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