Lost Items

Rather strange/funny day.

I found two things left behind at a Starbucks last week. Handed one to the cashier (Starbucks Partner). Had a good laugh about the other but left as is.

Let me explain.

I decided to stop by one of my favorite Starbucks to chill and get some work done along the way. Most of the tables were taken so at first, I took a table by the door. The seat was not very comfortable since the height of the table was not proportional to the chair. Therefore, as soon as the occupants of the red sofa couch departed, I decided to move to that part of the store.

As I was sitting down though, I noticed a Swiss army knife hidden on the side of the sofa. I picked it up with a piece of paper I managed to find in my back pocket. Then I handed it to the Starbucks partner serving customers by the checkout point.

Afterwards, I spent as much time as I needed to get my things done while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

When it was time to leave, I decided to hit the men’s room first. But then I found the second of items waiting for my discovery. It was a porn DVD the title of which I now forget (or decide not to mention). I had a good laugh at my finding but decided not to take it outside to the counter to be placed in the lost-and-found section. For all I know, it could have been dropped for someone else to pick it up. Far be it for me to interfere with a rendezvous.

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