Merry Christmas

Here’s hoping that everyone is having a great Christmas with family and friends. Wishing the Christmas spirit would last longer than the season.

People tend to be nicer during this holiday and I can only imagine how much the world would be better if we would be like this all year long.

While it is not my intention to judge, one thing I do find peculiar is how, during the holidays, some of us post on twitter or facebook messages of good wishes to “my family and friends.”

My issue is this: unless you are kind enough to include everyone in either ‘the family’ or ‘the friends’ category (or in both), you should really be wishing the good things to EVERYONE.

Yes, you may be spending Christmas with family and/or friends but the whole of humanity is really an extended family and when we wish good things, I wish we would wish it to everybody.

But like I said, I don’t mean to judge anyone. I definitely wish the best Christmas ever – so far, and a Happy New Year.

To everyone out there.

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