Time goes on

If you ask me, time must be one of the greatest inventions ever. Nothing quite like it. And perhaps it is just as well that time is one of those things you can never get back. At least not exactly the same.

And so, while we continue to promise to make regular updates to this blog, we seem to not succeed at that. And in the meantime, time passes by and then we look at what we wrote last time and we wonder what happened during all the time that elapsed.

What happened during our absence? Lots of things. In our lives, in the places around us, in the world. Not all of it is good. Because surely that is nearly impossible. But there have been some great ones.

Including the fact that Liverpool won their sixth Champions League title – also counting the ones that were earned in the previous format of the highly prestigious competition. They got to the final in exhilarating style, beating my second favorite team of Barcelona, messi and all, against the odds of overturning a 3-0 deficit.

The final itself was a rather dreary affair. And it was rather anti-climactic after two high quality entertaining semi finals with Tottenham Hotspur also coming from behind to eliminate Ajax.

What else happened? What is the use if we did not write about it right when it occurred? We will try and do that going forward.

Or will we?

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