Liverpool had not lost at their home Anfield for quite some time. But today's result, while surprising in the context of the Premier League table, should not be quite shocking.

Because the defensive frailties continue to haunt this potentially great side. Can we score goals? Yes. Well, most of the time. Can we keep a clean sheet? Yes. But only sometimes.

This defeat leaves the Merseysiders 7 points behind leaders Chelsea who will play Hull City on Sunday. And the gap could grow to 10 points with a win for Antonio Conte's side.

Second placed Tottenham Hotspur did not take much advantage as they needed a late, controversial equalizer to get a point at Manchester City. City took the lead in a performance that pleased manager Pep Guardiola. But the match ended 2-2.

Arsenal could move 2nd if they win their game at home. The visitors will be 12th-place Burnley. That match is also on Sunday.

Liverpool's next Premier League will be against clear leaders Chelsea. That game scheduled for Tuesday, January 31st of 2017 will surely decide whether the reds can realistically remain in the title race.

Liverpool have announced that Steven Gerrard, aka Stevie G, aka Captain Fantastic is going to rejoin the club as youth team coach starting Februrary.

Gerrard made his Liverpool debut in 1998 and went on to captain the club until he left after the 2014-2015 season. That was to join LA Galaxy in America's MLS.

In a career spanning 17 years with more than 700 games for the reds, the 36 year old won 9 trophies. He remains much loved and respected by club and country.

Gerrard said:

It feels like completing the circle; returning to the place where professionally it all began. However, this isn't a decision based on emotion - it's about what I can offer and contribute to Liverpool.

This is welcome news for Liverpool club and its fans.

Barack H. Obama's last official day as the 44th President of the United States of America feels sad. It leaves one thinking how long it will be before this great nation swears in another great leader into the White House. Or someone even close to it.

We will miss his grace, dignity, and leadership. And of course, First Lady Michelle Obama. And their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who grew up before our very eyes.

So long. Farewell.

May their health, growth and contributions continue for years to come.

Jim Nelson writing on GQ makes his point on why Obama will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

But what now feels distinctly possible is that, just as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed, over time he may be judged less for the color of his skin than for the content of his character.

He argues:

Barack Obama will long be revered because he’s charismatic, presided over an economic revival, and changed and elevated the view of the presidency. He’s simply bigger than Bill.

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Tweeting in remembrance of the late great MLK, Senator Bernie Sanders writes:

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. we must fight to carry out his bold vision. He saw the relationship between racism and economics and war.

You know I love good music. And I have a special affinity to singer-songwriters blessed with a unique, beautiful voice. Valerie June fits the bill. Here is a lyric video for her newest single:

Valerie was born in Jackson, Tennessee and grew up influenced by gospel music at her local church as well as the musical tastes of her father which leaned R&B and soul.

She began recording and performing at the age of 19 after she moved to Memphis, TN in 2000. First as part of a duo in Bella Sun, with her husband of the time. She went solo after the marriage ended and has since released 4 albums.

Her breakout was "Pushin' Against A Stone" in 2013

Photo Credit: Valerie June Website

Her fifth, and latest is entitled "The Order of Time" and is set to be released in 2017. "Astral Plane" is the lead single already available on streaming and download with the usual outlets.

Says Valerie:

“Understanding the order of time is important to anyone hoping to manifest a dream. There is a time to push, and a time to gently tend the garden.”

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The New York Times reports that Norway has decided to switch off FM broadcasting; the first country to do so.

Apparently, the move is intended to go fully digital but not everyone is happy with the decision.

I grew up listening to broadcasts over FM and some over AM. And although I haven't needed to tune to a non-digital station in quite a while, I can understand how it can be a loss to at least some segment of the population used to the ready accessibility of the format.

+ Read the New York Times story.

We are so going to miss President Obama.

He officially leaves office on January 20 when the next Commander In Chief is sworn in. God help America.

In his farewell address from his hometown Chicago, the President spoke eloquently and delivered a message of hope and also of caution against complacency.

He said he still has faith in Americans and reminded the audience that every citizen has a responsibility to bear and that they should remain vigilant to make sure what makes this nation great is not lost to enemies external or domestic.

It was endearing to watch Obama tear up speaking in glowing terms about his lovely wife, Michelle, and their daughters Malia and Sasha.

Of course, his overall theme was familiar and reassuring.

"Yes, we can. Yes, we did. Yes, we can."

The iPhone was announced 10 years ago today by Apple's iconic leader, the late Steve Jobs. And it has profoundly changed the world of technology in many different ways.

Apple commemorated the anniversary with a special press release titled "iPhone at ten: the revolution continues."

CEO Tim Cook said:

“iPhone is an essential part of our customers' lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live.

iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”

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Danny Glover was deserved winner for one of my favorite new shows on TV: Atlanta on FX.

He got two awards on the night:

  • 'Best Actor in a Television Series' - Musical or Comedy for 'Atlanta'

  • 'Best Television Series' - Musical or Comedy for 'Atlanta'

The show is funny and smart. And it features a cast that is relatively unknown but excellent nonetheless.