Refresh your French vocabulary. Exercise makes perfect.

French Word Game 2

Haven't you always wanted to play a game you can have fun with that also teaches you française?

Voila! Your wishes have come true. Introducing French Word Game 2. A brand new, much improved version of the game you know and love as the original French Word Game.

If you are new to the whole French Word Game, welcome. And if you liked our original French Word Game, we think you are going to like this even better. Come and dive in for a pleasant surprise.

How do you play? It is actually pretty simple ...

You select an image to solve and you are shown a bunch of randomly ordered letters. Your objective is then to think of the French Word corresponding to that image you picked, and then arrange those letters accordingly.

You can double-tap to exclude any letters that don’t belong in that correct word. Conversely, you can double-tap a letter to include it in your answer.

Once you have got the letters in the right order, and excluded the ones you don't need, you will have won the game. Bravo!

At any point, you can view stats for this image you solved. And for all the other games you will have played so far.

You can shuffle and play that game again. Or you can quit that game and select another image to solve.

This is meant to be a fun jigsaw puzzle of French words. So do play on as often as you like. You can have as many zero-carlorie servings of fun as you wish.

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We are happy to help in any way we can. And we always welcome your feedback.

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